Ile Parisienne Lake Superior

Ile Parisienne "Parisian Island"
114 acres - only privately held land on the island
10 acre water lot

White Sand Beaches  - Commercial or Private

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Map of Ile Parisienne

The Point of Ile Parisienne

Satellite Photo of Ile Parisienne - Parcel is in lower right corner

Ile Parisienne - Overlay of Parcel

Ile Parisienne - Southern Shore

Parisian Island - The Point

Ile Parisienne - Eastern Shore looking South

The Point - Southeastern part of Ile Parisienne

Ile Parisienne Lighthouse Complex

our own uninhabited island with white sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

It can be yours!

Hear the owner describe Parisian Island

Ile Parisienne  is for sale and lies midway between the Canadian and American shores of the narrow, eastern neck of Lake Superior known as Whitefish Bay about seven miles from either shore..

This property is valued at $2.5 Million


$1.3 Million

The southeast corner of the island is the only privately held land and is for sale in this auction.  The remainder is owned by the Canadian Crown as a Conservation Reserve.  It also houses a lighthouse complex which is periodically manned. 

Read the Owner's description of Ile Parisienne

One mile of beachfront and a little more than 114 acres of woodland and shore, this land parcel encompasses the entire southeastern corner of Ile Parisienne (Parisian Island), in Whitefish Bay, Lake Superior.  This is the only privately held property on the island.  There is a water lot (land underwater that can be used) included in the sale and brings the total acreage to 124.  This is also the only land that will ever be available for private use on Parisian Island. See Plot map

Visit our Photo Galleries Below - All photos shown were taken in June, 2003.

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This island is important fish and bird habitat. The western side of the island is made up of Precambrian bedrock shoals interspersed with large boulders. On the islands' southwest
side a lighthouse keeps solitary watch over quiet beaches and dunes. Lake trout spawn in October around the island and the Parisienne Shoal, and the northeast shore of the island is important waterfowl habitat. Areas further inland are popular breeding and feeding grounds for raptors and shorebirds.

Lighthouse Information

Crown Land Use - "These policies apply only to Crown lands (that is, all of the remainder of the island outside of this parcel) -- but NOT to the private land that is for sale in this auction, which is owned (in fee simple) without use restrictions of any kind." 

 In the owner's words:

"The beach: Words fail in describing it. . . . Iíve combed beaches around the world, from Fiji and Samoa and New Zealand to Majorca and Capri, in the Bahamas and the Windward and Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, and throughout Michigan, and the Carolinas, Florida and Oregon. There are a very few beaches that are the equal of this Parisian Island beach: the Otago Peninsula in the South Island of New Zealand, and the beaches on Grand Cayman Island and Montserrat in the Caribbean, and some others. But I have never encountered any beach that could justly be called its superior. Of course, beaches have different kinds of excellence.

This beach is long, open, and extended, like the very best beaches on Lake Michigan. The water here is as clear as crystal, and so pure that it is perfectly suitable for drinking. Rounded pebbles, every color of the rainbow, including agates if you know how to spot them, shine through at the waterís edge. The sand is white, fine and soft. The lake water is very cold, but very safe to swim in because of the gentleness of the incline, the total absence of urchins or other visible sea life or any human waste, and because of its cleanliness. The water is sweeter and better to drink than that from any well or municipal water system. (The lighthouse keepers at Parisian island told me long ago that although they had good running water from a well in their houses, they preferred to take their drinking water from the lake, and always did so.) The lake bottom on the gentle incline is fine sand, with occasional patches of pebbles, without weed, or tar, or debris..." Click here to read more of the Owner's description of Ile Parisienne


Buyers will pay a $5000 non-refundable deposit to remove the Island from the market.. Winner will sign a contract for purchase with the current owner within 14 days.

Yes -US Citizens can purchase this property.  The current owner is a US Citizen.

Note: The buildings and fixtures found in the pictures are owned by the Canadian Government and are part of the Ile Parisienne Lighthouse Complex.

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